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Common Survey Designer

One Fully loaded Common Survey Designer for all platform with all standard features like branching, piping, validations, skips, multilingual support


Web | Android Device

Deploy survey on multiple platforms - Web (Online) or Android App (offline). Adaptive design ensures automatic rendering on different screen sizes


Monitor | Analyze

Fully customizable Dashboard comes with features like advance cross-tabs, pivots & charts. Define and monitor the quotas & quality control

Power-packed Q&A Widgets

Simplistic and visually apealing - may be termed as two most essential characteristics of an effective survey
ReplyPage is designed to offer wonderful end user experience without compromizing on advance feature requirement of a survey designer & researchers

  • All widgits are customizable with features like with masking & validation
  • Define logics & rules to validate quality of the responses
  • Flexibility to randomize Questions, a group of questions or options within a multiple choice question
  • Piping - inserts answers from previous questions into upcoming questions, page titles and section headings
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Dashboard, Monitoring, Analytics & Quality Control

  • Define Teams, Quota, Quality Control Matrix
    and Monotor the progress
  • Generate Cross-Tabs, Pivots & Charts
    and Pin the same on the Dashboards
  • Grant Access to Team members and Client with flexible view rights
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Multiple Pricing Options

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for small companies and large organizations

Design & Publish Adaptive Surveys on Web to fit all screen sizes
2.0 | $0.03
Per Respondent
  • Full function DIY Survey designer
  • Survey hosted on web
  • Personalized Link for each respondent available, if needed
  • Adaptive rendering on all screen sizes - Mobile to Laptops
  • Advanved Dashboard
  • Customized Export options in CSV, Excel, XML & SPSS
Design & Publish your survey on Android Devices
3.0 | $0.05
Per Respondent
  • Full function DIY Survey designer
  • Offline surveys on Android App
  • Save and resume functions
  • Multimedia support to record Pictures, audios and videos
  • Background audio recording for quality check
  • Advanced GPS functions like geofencing and proximity baring
  • OTP verification function
Survey Design
Simply Outsource the Scripting and design of your survey to us
2000 | $30
Per Page (Single sided A4 Sheet)
  • Dedicated resource to understand, design and deploy your survey
  • Customize Dashboard as per monitoring and analysis needs
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Priority support

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A few examples where ReplyPage works very well..


Building the social work knowledge base in order to solve practical problems in social work practice or social policy

Research in Social Sector


MaxDiff is an approach for obtaining preference and importance scores for multiple attributes.

MaxDiff Surveys


Determine the size and relative market share of the market. Such studies provide key information about market growth, competitive positioning, and tracking share of the market.

Market Description Surveys


Identify who the customers are, who they are not, and why they are or are not your customers. This is often a descriptive market segmentation and market share analysis

Market Profiling-Segmentation Surveys


Where is the customer in the adoption process? This information shows Market Awareness – Knowledge – Intention – Trial – Purchase – Repurchase of the product.

Tracking Surveys


Directed at understanding the current customer. What motivates the customer to move from interest in the product to actual purchase? This is a key to understanding customer conversion, commitment, and loyalty.

Customer Intention


Does the product meet customer expectations? What attitudes have customers formed about the product and/or company? Used to direct advertising and improve customer conversion, commitment, and loyalty.

Customer Attitudes and Expectations


Especially helpful for high-priced consumer goods with a long decision and purchase processes (time from need recognition to purchase), and depth of consumer attitudes formed about the product and/or company

Customer Trust – Loyalty – Retention Analysis


Concept test studies are appropriate in the initial screening of new product concepts. Likes and dislikes about the concept and evaluation of acceptability and likelihood of purchase are especially useful measures

New Product Concept Analysis


Primarily for estimating demand for new products that can be described or have been developed in drawing or concept, but have not yet been developed physically. Develops market share estimates of market potential for the alternative potential products.

New Product Acceptance and Demand Surveys (Conjoint Analysis)

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